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More information about kicksleds

 The traditional model:

It is the most versatile model in our range of kicksleds. This model is extremely efficient as an alternative to cross-country skiing, its runners have remarkable flexibility, it is an excellent dog sled (for 1 to 2 dogs), it is very fast on natural ice and it is also very useful for transporting a child or an adult as well as equipment !




The Kickspark model:

It is is our lightest model (12 lbs / 5,5 kg). This model was designed for speed on lakes and icy trails, it is also very efficient on snowy trails. This kicksled can be pulled by one or two dogs but its rigidity does not allow it to have great maneuverability on winding trails. Its strong point is speed in a straight line !




The ESLA Adventure:

Newly arrived from Finland, this model is the next generation multi-use sports kicksled. The aluminum framed sled is designed to serve ice fishers, winter hikers and dog enthusiasts (can be pulled by one, two, three or four dogs). Kicking with this model is as light, stable and easy as our existing models, with extra room for all your gear. A child can be transported on the sled platform which supports a load of more than 110 lbs / 50 kg.

In addition, the nostalgia of kicksledding has been preserved with a hint of Finnish wood !



Who is the Compact kicksled for?

    Ice fishers have asked ESLA factory for a special model: An ice fishing sled. It is only 137 cm long / 54", so that it fits in a small area, like the back of your car, for example. It is easy to carry things with you out on the ice with the ice fishing kicksled. This model is very useful for transporting a child.

    Note: This model is not recommended for "sports" use or as a dog sled: The glide of this model is a little less efficient than the glide of the standard T6 model due to its shorter runners.

    How to choose the right size of kicksled?

    You must choose your kicksled according to your feeling of comfort. If you prefer to have your back raised to admire the landscape, do not choose a kicksled too low and if you prefer to have a rather sporty position with your back bent, do not choose a model with a handlebar that is too high.

    If you use a traditional kicksled as a dog sled your back will be mostly straight so we suggest using the T6 model if you are under 5'8 " or the T7 model if you are between 5'7" and 6'1 ". For very tall people, we recommend the T8 model.

    The Kickspark Max model and the ESLA Adventure are height adjustable.

    Kicksled size chart

    Please note that the size chart is indicative.

    The size of a kicksled is chosen based on the height of the person who is going to kick or to push the sled, their weight does not matter.