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ESLA Adventure

Designed in Finland !

Newly arrived from Finland, the ESLA Adventure sled is the next generation multi-use sports kicksled.
The aluminum framed sled is designed to serve dog enthusiasts, ice fishers and hikers.
Kicking with this model is as light, stable and easy as our existing models, with extra room for all your gear.
Shock absorbsion in the frame levels up uneven terrain, making driving safe, even at high speeds!
The dampers can be locked out without tools, so the sled is still sturdy to kick even where no suspension is needed.

The sled can be folded down to a space-saving size for transport or storage (Also with brake and dog equipment installed).
The folding mechanism works without tools, just loosening off the handknobs and folding the body down over the runners.
The sled can also be locked in this position, making lifting and handling easy even when the sled is folded.

The Adventure easily folds up, so transportation is no problem. It even fits in a ski box. Numerous accessories are available for the basic model depending on the application. In addition, the nostalgia of kicksledding has been preserved with a hint of Finnish wood!