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Discover the outdoor activity that millions of Scandinavians love. Enjoy the pleasure of winter with a kicksled. Learn to use a kicksled in just a few minutes and take the whole family for winter outings. 


Kicksledding is perfect for the Canadian outdoors. Great cardio exercise, kicksledding is an alternative to cross-country skiing for those who like a little more stability on snow or ice. It's also the perfect family sport!

It's well suited for fitness training or just getting around outside in winter. Kicksledding works the muscles in the lower back and in the back of the thighs. You can use it on compacted snow or ice. 

On bare ice or icy cross-country skiing paths you can travel at astonishing speeds with a kicksled. It's is also great for the environment since it doesn't create pollution or noise. Kicksledding is fun for everyone since it's so easy to learn.

Hand made in Finland since 1933 by the largest kicksled maker in the world ESLA. This product has a proven track record!



 ESLA kicksled factory in the village of Koura in Finland!