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Kicksleds - Sale and Distribution

The Original Kicksled Now in North America

Winter fun for every age from 3 to 83!

Discover the outdoor activity that millions of Scandinavians love. Alone or with a child sitting up front (or standing on the runners), enjoy the pleasure of winter with a kicksled.

Learn to use the kicksled in just a few minutes and take the whole family for winter outings. 

The kicksled is used on compacted snow or ice : walking trails, snowshoe or snowmobile trails, country roads, sidewalks, cross-country ski trails (skate skiing), lakes, skating rink, etc.  

The kicksled can also be used as a dog sled. Easy to pull, the kicksled can be your dog’s best friend!

kicksledding is also a sport. 

Ecological. Fast on snow or on ice. Great cardio exercise, It's an alternative to cross-country skiing.

Of course, children can have their own kicksleds and slide along too. 

Practical. Folds flat for easy storage and transportation. It requires no special maintenance or extra equipment such as bindings or boots.

Built tough in Finland.