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Want to go kicksledding with your dog?


Easy to pull, the kicksled can be your faithful companion's best friend. No need to have a specially trained dog to practice this activity. A kicksled can be pulled by one or two dogs.

This sport is ideal for expending your dog's energy, keeping him in shape and finally seeing him sleep soundly :) The "musher" will also sleep well because kicksledding with a dog is a team sport that requires human and animal collaboration in efforts.

Many dogs understand right away that the goal of the game is to run while pulling the kicksled, but others will need a basic lesson from a trainer who specializes in this activity. Once the dog and its owner have each understood their role and the bond has been established, they just want one thing: a long winter!

To have better sliding quality, it is preferable to practice this sport on groomed trails. During difficult passages or if your dog is not at the top of his form, help him by propelling the kicksled with one foot as if you were kicksledding without a dog.

 kicksledding with dog

We have 3 types of kicksleds:

The all-new Adventure Sled
The traditional kicksled: it's the most popular in North America!
The kickspark Max: light, it is very fast in a straight line.

How to choose the right size of traditional kicksled for kicksledding with a dog?

  • When kicksledding with dogs, your back will be mostly straight so we suggest using the T6 model if you are under 5'8 " or the T7 model if you are between 5'7" and 6'1 ". For very tall people, we recommend the T8 model.

What equipment do you need to harness 1 dog to a traditional kicksled?

What equipment do you need to harness 2 dogs to a traditional kicksled?

How to order the right accessories for each kicksled?

The Adventure sled for mushing is fully equipped, with the exception of the dog pulling harness.

Mushing accessories for the traditional kicksled are sold separately in the accessories section, just add them to your cart.

Mushing accessories for the kickspark Max will be available by the end of October!

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